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  • I got lei’d & free Chick Fil A. Does this officially make me a senior?! ☀️🌸🌸 #iheartapu #iSTILLheartapu #imasenior #whendidthishappen (at Wynn Amphitheater, Azusa Pacific University)

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  • To think that this where I can be living in a year from now fills me with joy. As I am finishing my Fulbright application, all I can do is pray & hope for the best. The sense of not knowing what is at the end of this adventure is exciting and scary but I can only smile. I can only smile because I dream of places I’ve never been to and wish I will be able to go.

    My prayer for this upcoming season is to go wherever God leads me and hope that it will be the greatest adventure thus far. I trust in God, that I will be in Spain next year doing what I love and loving new people.

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  • He sleeps alone; he needs no army where he’s headed ’cause he knows that they’re just ghosts and they can’t hurt him if he can’t see them.

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  • disasterroad:

    Excuse me darlin, while my heart explodes.

    I’m in the cage I’ve chosen cause it feels like home.

    I should have seen this coming a million miles ago.

    I’ve been blindly running, down disaster road.

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  •  Look into my eyes

    It’s where my demons hide

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  • 'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
    I think I saw you

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  • neptunain:

    sorry boys, but I already got my eyes on a guy who’s not interested

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  • Tu harás.

    Cuando el mar me dice, te hundirás, 
    Me das tierra firme y puedo cruzar 

    Cuando el monte dice: ¨no pasaras¨. 
    Tengo tu palabra y eso bastara
    Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, 
    Eres la fuerza que mueve mi vida.
    Eres mi Dios y tu harás 
    Mas allá de lo que pueda imaginar 
    Mas allá de lo que pueda yo soñar 
    ¡Eres Dios y harás!

    Eres Dios de ayer, eres Dios que esta 
    Sabes lo que fue sabes y que vendrá 
    Eres gran yo soy tu me sostendrás. 
    Tu eres mi Dios en ti puedo confiar 
    Ohh. ohh, ohh, ohh 
    Eres la fuerza que mueve mi vida.

    Eres mi Dios y tu harás.

    Mi vida has cambiado, salvado 
    Hoy vivo por tu gran amor 
    Por tu gran amor 
    Eres mi Dios y tu harás
    Mas allá de lo que

    A Dios sea la gloria y la honra. 
    Hoy para siempre

  • She wants to be free, like a runaway,
    Trying to believe, gonna find a way, 
    We got just one life, tonight we’re running all the lights
    Trying to break free, like a runaway 

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  • YOLO.

    Going to Vegas this weekend. Say what?! 

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